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Welcome to the first in a series of pieces about the Hunter x Hunter franchise; more specifically, a in-depth analysis between Nippon Animation's original ...
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Gon Freecss (ゴン=フリークス) is the main character of Hunter × Hunter. He is the son of the famous Hunter, Ging Freecss, and he is on a quest to find his ...
The protagonists from Hunter × Hunter as seen in an original video animation adaptation. From left to right in the front row Killua, Gon, Kurapika, ...
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Animax is currently screening new Hunter X Hunter episodes. The attack on the Chimera Ants' King and Royal Guard will take place soon. Can't wait to see ...
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Despite the flaws of their characters, I believe both Gon & Riko are very well written for their roles.
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See for yourself.
Gon Freecss
This would look epic, if it didn't looks so silly.
Killua: I don't deserve friends.
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While all the above served as an analysis of Killua's character progression, he's just a superbly crafted individual by fictional standards.
Just ◊ look ◊.
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Also he can be quite scary ...
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... in the 1999 anime, Killua is at least half a head taller than Gon, while in the 2011 anime, he's shrunk down to be roughly the same height as Gon.
Hunter x Hunter AMV - Gon , Kite , Killua (assasin mode) Vs Chimera Ants in NGL
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Gon Freecss is the main protagonist of Hunter X Hunter, a twelve year old boy left in the care of his aunt raised to believe his parents died in an accident ...
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... be loved by Killua is more than enough. There's your moment of directness and simplicity amidst all the machinations and deception – sibling love that ...
Killua (L) and Gon (R) win best onscreen bromance.
So, I was at work one night and pondering all things Hunter X Hunter, as one does, when I came up with an interesting possibility for how Gon might get back ...
Help Me I Can't Do It Anymore. - HxH (Killua x Yuki
Arc: Greed Island Arc
The final conversation between Gon and Killua was a fascinating one, reflecting each of their personal biases – was Kurapika driven by revenge from the ...
Gon and Hina are innocent characters that are loyal to those they care about (Hina with Sakura and Gon with Killua).
Even if the illustrations weren't always perfect. Hunter x Hunter is amazing. It tells the adventures of four young friends: Gon, Killua, Kurapika and ...
However, Killua is shown to be getting taller throughout the story, where it's noticeable in the Heaven's Arena Arc that his legs are shorter than Gon's and ...
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The “Memories x and Milestones” posts I've written over the last ten days already serve as a series review of sorts, so there isn't a whole lot of point in ...
Kurapika: he's (yes HE, unlike the popular first impression the blondie isn' t a girl) an intelligent fellow. He will do the impossible to achieve his goals, ...
... Gon punch him ...
I know there's more manga content and that those readers probably see how Gon/Killua's dynamic plays out better, ...
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As mentioned, the 14 princes in the royal family are the ones directly competing in this Succession Content. They're not the only ones involved, however.
... Gon ◊ and Ging ◊ when ...
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... it's the notion that Illumi could have caused the chain of events that he did without worrying about the possibility that Killua would have ...
It's a fascinating tangle, that's for sure. We get real introspection from Alluka – who seems extremely simple and childlike for an 11 year-old – for the ...
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-Discontinued-Untamed Assassin HxH Fanfic Killua x Reader
Killua loves ChocoRobo-Kun chocolate balls as his favorite food and hates red peppers. He also has a gambling addiction.